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The Sound Of The Bell Reverberating:A look Into mental illness with Susan Williams

“The Sound of a Bell Still Reverberating" for sale as a silent-auction item benefitting NAMI Far North Sandpoint. 100% of the proceeds go directly to NAMI, which benefits those with mental illness.

“The Sound of a Bell Still Reverberating” is a line from "The Bell and the Blackbird" by David Whyte. The poem resonates to me as as a metaphor for my relationship with mental health. At this point in my life, dealing with mental illness is a truth that doesn’t goes away, like a bell still reverberating. The many times I decided that I had conquered it or tried to ignore it, I always found myself falling back into self hatred and toxic patterns.

Susan Williams, Artist.

I still struggle with the stigma of taking medication and I’m still seeking a lifestyle that allows me to be free of it, but I challenge myself to talk about it and express it in my art so we can all break the stigma. The figure in “The Sound of a Bell Still Reverberating” stands in the midst of extreme highs and lows, unmasked, secure and unshakable. When honesty, self-care and self-protection are top priorities, we are all so much better equipped to brave the chaotic shitshow that often comes with mental illness.

"The Sound of a Bell Still Reverberating” is for sale as a silent auction item at La Chic Boutique. The bidding starts at $175 and 100% of the proceeds benefit the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) in Sandpoint. For more information regarding NAMI, you can check out there website here:


The Bell And The Blackbird

By: David Whyte

The sound

of a bell

still reverberating,

or a blackbird


from a corner

of a


Asking you

to wake

into this life

or inviting you


to on that waits.

Either way

takes courage,

either way want you

to be nothing

but the self that

is no self at all,

wants you to walk

to the place

where you find

you already know

how to give

every last thing


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