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Sweet Sunday in the Flowers

A couple of months ago, I put together a short video for our "Whimsical White Sale" that was filmed at Flowers From the Heart. It was sometime in June when the flowers were just beginning to play for the summer. Robin, the owner of the farm, told us that it was just the beginning of the blooms and to come back sometime later in the summer to get a full sensory overload of the magnificence!

I ran into Robin at the Sandpoint Farmer's Market about a week ago and she insisted that I return to the farm because the flowers were at the pinnacle of their color burst for the summer. I decided to put together a short photoshoot and chose Olivia and Mason as my subjects. Olivia is a sweet gal I met while working at Understory-- the little coffee shop next to Petal Talk. Mason is a spunky 17-year-old whom I love dearly.

We met at the shop and Olivia chose a fun set of Abercrombie & Fitch overalls with a floral red top. Mason chose a simple white-lace dress. When I asked Mason to scout for jewelry, she gravitated toward Permanent Baggage, choosing a necklace with crystal quartz. Olivia chose the red origami earrings from Seiko Cranes... which she ended up loving, so she purchased them.

We didn't have much time because I had to open the shop at 11, but we frolicked in the flowers for a good 45-minutes before we had to pack up and leave. Robin insisted I not leave without an ENORMOUS white dahlia and a couple of sunflowers (just beautiful!) and I placed them inside of La Chic for you all to admire and gawk at.

The enormous white dahlia!

Special thanks to my sweet guy who was my assistant for the day. He made all of us giggle and I was able to capture a few of the sweet moments!

The team.

That's all for today folks! I hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday, we sure did.


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